About Good Egg

Welcome to Good Egg Cookies + Confections! Thanks for stopping by. Good Egg is a seasonal cookie shop based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Every December for the past five years, I've broken out the mixer and baked hundreds of cookies to give as gifts and bring to parties. Because I love fussing over baked goods more than the average person, I thought this year I'd offer some favorite standbys and new experiments for people to buy.

So far, we're having lots of fun. My friends Sarah and Jeff helped me hatch Good Egg by designing the logo, helping to conceive the packaging, and photographing all those cute cookies. Woo! They do good work. My husband Galen has been an important taste-tester and problem solver. For example, when there are leftover cookies, he eats them.

Now it's your turn! Have a look at the cookie varieties. There are four, and they are all pretty awesome. I hope you'll order them, and whether you give them away or keep them for yourself, I hope you enjoy them. Thank you and happy holidays!